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AI runs on spot/wont attack player

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Hello all. As I am experimenting with Leadwerks, I have come across a strange issue. My monster runs on the spot, and wont chase the player. I am using all the default scripts and assets. Heres what I have done:


-Drag the player prefab into the 3D viewport

-Drag the monster prefab into the 3D viewport

-Drag the player prefab from the scene view to the target slot of the monster's monsterAI.lua script.

-Run the game

-Monster runs on spot and doesnt attack the player unless I am really close and even then I need to shoot the monster to initiate the attack...


I'm probably missing something obvious, but this is strange nevertheless.


The desired result is that the monster(s) will find and run towards the player and attack the player.


All help appreciated!

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Don.t know about lua, but there is a "follow" command in the command reference.It will make enemies follow main character.

EDIT; providing you build navmesh.

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Where can I find the command reference? Also, it seems strange that the default monster does not have this feature built in. Whats a navmesh and how do I make one?


Again, sorry for sounding stupid. I will google around and post back my answers here if I find any. Thanks for the help!

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Hm, alright. Now to figure out why I can run through a stock barrel (it appears to have no collision)... I will google that now.


Use the prefab barrel it's already set up for physics

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To give entities collision they need a Physics Shape. See the physics tab of the entity.

You can choose a collision type for the entity to make it collide with other entities. See collision reference here - http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/documentation/_/command-reference/collision-r778


Then if you want the entity to move when it collides it needs a mass above 0. If you want it to stay still (Like the ground, walls, ceilings) give it a mass of 0.

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