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Asset store for Leadwerks

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Also, Josh has done many performance enhancements and I think it runs good now. In release mode I don't have any FPS issues with my HGT2 project and I have 9 point lights all right next to each other.


Yep, but test it when your level will scale lot more and have lot more 3D assets and materials or a bigger resolution screen, your frame rate will go down quickly without shadow and light manager, shaders and models LOD.



Josh is clearly trying to focus on things (a main focus anyway) that help you make games.


Some of us will prefer tools for animation,shader, sound, GUI , the editor, this helps a lot making faster your game.

LE3 Steam and the workshop are good , that's a taste also, like some others i really had prefered LE3 store on site and a LE3 version not glued to Steam dlls or inits.

We asked plugin system because we knew it would have braught quickly many usefull tools could it be enhance editor , terrain tools , BSP tools or game kits ... but well it wasn't on LE3 directions.

Let's hope you guys will have CSG tools at leastwink.png


GI doesn't help you make a game. Sure it can make it look better, but show him a game that you need to be made to look better and maybe he'd be interested in helping with the GI. Until then, the price of LE and no royalties is an amazing deal compared to the other engines.


Not only, you have shadows on long distance and no shadow artifacts on walls , and you can use a small number of active lights at same time, so it's a bigger frame rate.(I was deceived when LE3 abandonned suddenly Ligthmapping).

That's the way EA or Far Cry games goes to avoid all real time and big frame rate drop down.


but show him a game that you need to be made to look better and maybe he'd be interested in helping with the GI

I asked texture compression on suggestion , textures taking too much space , but it only appeared when people had problems , not when people showed a game.

Before GI i would ask old stuff like Encryption packaging, Decals, DOF, Ssao, soft particles, advanced water,motion blurr , hdr, tone mapping, that is old stuff that should be in the editor like post process effects.

Well i stopped asking features in LE3 forums at least laugh.png


Until then, the price of LE and no royalties is an amazing deal compared to the other engines.

It's a whole package, between tools ,features, platforms (mobile or desktop), coding language,what you like the most : 3D art and tools or more programming ? Take the right tool.

Royaties is a good point only when you are enought successfull before considering them.

I have no doubt about people able to achieve a good looking game with LE3 , and that's really good if new directions is towards helping non 3D artists to make them able to finish and publish a game.

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Royaties is a good point only when you achieve and finish a complete game and be enought successfull before considering any Royalties.


If you have ever run any form of company you would know that royalties is a big thing ... so I would not downsize it to what you wrote. Royalties take a cut of your cookie. I want to keep my cookie.

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Yeah, I'm not saying this is a bad suggestion, I just get annoyed when I explain I have something in motion that solves this problem, but it gets disregarded when it does anything better or different than what other things they have seen. Telling me that Unity does things one way isn't a good argument to do something.


While I agree that engines shouldn't necessarily be compared in this way, that wasn't what YouGroove was saying. He listed specific reasons why paid assets on Steam wouldn't be a great solution such as the inabilities to edit source files, the likely upped prices from double royalties (for Leadwerks and for Steam), and the inability to access as a standalone user (actually idk if he said this suggestion, but it was brought up).


I know you have your own plans Josh, and I know you get a lot of criticism from people in the community, including me, about features that would be great to have, but this criticism isn't without cause. Yes, I have published games before, so I know what the development process is. Anyway, we as community members have a right to question your moves because we are the recipients of your product. I know your not obligated to produce anything more than what you are selling at this point in time, but I think you should value our feedback. If you look at mobile for instance, the community had highly mixed thoughts about it, but instead of taking this in, you released mobile and look where that is now. It's not that it was a bad idea or a poorly executed product, but it wasn't what the community wanted.


Anyway, sorry for getting this topic farther off track, but I think these are things that should be taken into account for topics and suggestions like this. For me at least, I'm not saying that Leadwerks should have an asset store just because Unity has one. If I wanted to use Unity I would use it, but Leadwerks has things that Unity doesn't. What I'm saying is that it's not always a bad idea to follow what others do, particularly when they have such success with it. But again, if you don't like these suggestions, take your own path, but realize that we are all here to you advice on topics under the Suggestion Box.


Edit: Also, I think I've made it abundantly clear that I think Workshop integration is a great feature, but paid assets is a whole different game.

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Theres nothing stopping you opening your own store and letting people upload there scripts etc.


Its already been done by paying for the FloGUI? think the name is...


If you have a fair few assets and want to sell them then open your own store and allow people to upload to there, set there own prices etc, if that is what you are asking for...


Then there will be two resource types free Steam workshop and your store...

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