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How do I open "output, warnings, errors, debug" script editor

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How do you get the output, warnings, errors, debug screen to appear in the script editor window?


I have looked all through the menus and options. I am currently running steam indie version on PC Win 8.1


I had the window at some point when I first purchased in the beginning of the year.


I don't recall closing a window and can't seem to be able to pull open any window from the edges of the of the script editor box as if i resized it shut.


Jorn Theunissen's utube video Lua #9:Damaging the player shows the raycast output in the script editor at 8 min 40 secs shows at the top of the screen. I only have the script writing section.


I am thinking of purchaseing Leadwerks Standard Edition Steam. Am I getting the same software as buying it from Leadwerks direct?


Thank you in advance rolleyes.gif Capt. Kirk

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It's probably just hidden on the right side of the window. Move your mouse to the right until it turns into a left/right arrow

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