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Issues with textruing custom models


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Okay this may sound dumb but my textures arnt working. In my 3d modeling program they all look fine, and in the texture preview they look fine. Yet when they are on the model its just a solid color not my texture. Its not with all my models though, as my monsters all look fine. There is also an issue with the weapons as they look fine and textured in the previewer, but when in game they to are solid color. Not sure if things are going wrong when I import the models or if there is just an issue with how the texturing is being applied. Please do tell me I am not the only one with this issue!

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Sounds like you don't have your models properly UV mapped. Can you show a screen shot of your UV's? As always, without seeing an actual item in question whether it be a model or code, the best anyone can do is just guess. Please provide an example model that shows this behavior preferably in fbx so we can try it ourselves.

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I suspect the face that looks smeared on the model has its UV not properly laid out/flatten and the edges of the UV are on top of each other. Most 3d modeling programs will allow to you to pick the corresponding UV by picking the model face in question... you could try that to make sure that the model has been properly unwrapped.


Edit-- just out of curiosity which face on the model are you referring to? because offhand I cant tell from the textured UV screenshot because some of the textures being used look like what happens when textures are stretched from UV scaling...

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In leadwerks all of them, it just turns the whole model brown. The uv's in the modeling program are all fine, i even put it in unity amd udk and aplied the textures and it looked fine. The only doffrence is me using fbx in leadwerks for the model. I also have an issu now with something else but ill message you about it.

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Yes, after seeing a provided fbx model, it is missing texture coordinates/UV's completely. Possibly missing an export selection when exporting to fbx? What is your modeling app? i am sure there is someone here that has experience using whatever modeling app you are using that could help show what step you are missing.

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