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Leadwerks appreciation thread

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Hello community and Leadwerks devs


Often we Leadwerks users only write something on the forum when we have problems, bugs, questions or wants a feature. There is nothing wrong with that, because the intention of the forum is to be a place for writing about you problems, bugs, questions and features we want biggrin.png


However, to boost our Leadwerks devs (I guess that is only Josh right now) we should also post why we think Leadwerks is the awesome sauce.


So no negative stuff in this thread ... that is what we have the rest of the forum for wink.png


Leadwerks is the awesome sauce because:

- The C++ API is very nice. It is easy to build well organised code around.

- It is ported to Linux

- OpenGL 4

- The royalty free License

- Steam integration

- Affordable Price

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Good idea.


I like Leadwerks because:

- The Leadwerks Community for tutorials, models, scripts, shaders, etc.

- Steam Workshop Game Player

- Character Controller for Indie Edition makes game making super fast.

- Fast Art Pipeline, especially with Blender (Blender exporter and .fbx support)

- Affordable Price!

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Leadwerks is cool because it


- has a simple, clean API that allows you to do pretty low-level stuff in an easy way (e.g. procedural mesh generation)

- provides full access to all shader stages, making it the perfect tool to try out rendering algorithms

- has a very friendly and helpful community

- is affordable and royalty-free.

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If you learn Unity you know Unity, if you learn Leadwerks you know how to make games.

I would not say that considering the amount of unity published games laugh.png


The good points of LE3 :

- Helpfull community members

- Fast in deffered rendering

- very easy framework

- Lua and panel script slots

- BSP to prototype and test gameplay in some minutes and for advanced level design (will need CSG Tools)

- Customizable shaders (with shadmar help happy.png )

- Fullscreen effects

- FPS ,AI scripts and others to get started

- DLC packs for non 3D artist people (not a lot but this is just growing biggrin.png )

- Cool incoming features (car physics)

- Low price considering all features you have

- No Royalties

- Linux editor

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Here's my list:

  • The community (I must say that the contributions of many of the members is something I am very thankful for, and will be something I don't think I can ever repay)
  • Lua support (I never really thought Lua was going to be as useful as it is, but a lot of it has to do with how easy it is to apply scripts to stuff in this engine, including the Leadwerks API (the API is very clean and easy-to-use))
  • The editor
  • Steam Workshop
  • No royalties
  • Graphics potential (although the current shaders available and the lighting are already outstanding)
  • Physics is seamlessly integrated
  • Being able to speak directly with the developer (Josh :D)

There's other things about the engine I like as well, but these features are what I view as unique to Leadwerks and what I like most about Leadwerks.

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  • Very well thought out entity system.
  • Open shader system.
  • Lighting is great.
  • Editor is great and getting better by the update.
  • Alltho I have both indie and std edition, I prefer the simplicity of lua, but the cpp when needed option is great.
  • Almost no kids trolling/polluting the forum, (don't you ever make a free version..)

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