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Imported textures have no transparency

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I am trying to create a HUD out of some png images - but whenever I draw the image, it shows white where it should be transparent. The image is saved as a png with an alpha channel, but I tried tga as well with the same result. I am using 3.2 Indie Edition on Linux.


The image file is attached.


Here is my code to load the image:


function Script:Start()

self.texture = Texture:Load("Materials/HUD/hud.tex")




And here is my code to draw it:

function Script:PostRender(context)



context:SetColor(1, 1, 1)

left = context:GetWidth() - self.texture:GetWidth()

top = context:GetHeight() - self.texture:GetHeight()







What I think the problem is:


The automated conversion to textures is converting all images to DXCT1 RGB which has no alpha channel, but the working transparent textures that come with the editor use RGBA.


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Aha - I found where to change it and it works now - thanks. Maybe this should be the default for imported images with alpha?

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Most images have alpha, I think. At least PNGS will I chose DXT1 because it uses a lot less space and still looks good.

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