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Making a realistic living fire lightning effect

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Hello all,


I started the developpement of my game and I thinking about my torches.


I've a particles emitter for my fire and a point light on it... great but a bit dead for a fire light.



Can someone tell me how to do realistic living fire lightning effect ?



Should I code a script to randomly change the brightness of the light ? or is there a more performance-friend solution ?



Thanks a lot




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Here is the script I attach to the lights to flicker. Just copied it from the old LE 2 firepit.


function Script:Start()
self.color = self.entity:GetColor()
self.fluctuation = 1.0
self.smoothedFluctuation = 1.0

function Script:Draw()
self.fluctuation = self.fluctuation + Math:Random(-100, 100) / 500.0 * Time:GetSpeed()
self.fluctuation = Math:Min(1.8, self.fluctuation)
self.fluctuation = Math:Max(0.75, self.fluctuation)
self.smoothedFluctuation = Math:Curve(self.fluctuation, self.smoothedFluctuation, 5.0 / Time:GetSpeed())

self.entity:SetColor(1.0 * self.smoothedFluctuation, 0.6 * self.smoothedFluctuation, 0.25 * self.smoothedFluctuation, 1)

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I made a fire and then attached a light to it and used the script that makes the light randomly flicker. Looks awesome but then again I cant script so. . . . . Thats how I do it!


Here are my prefabs that might work for you. If not, then maybe some one else can use them. Free for all. Not that its some great ting here but I believe in helping and sharing when and where I can!



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