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Having done a lot of docs and forum searching am I right in assuming there is no user gui or any form of gui primitives in the engine at all? It all has to be developed from first principles using the Context class?


I'm trying to size up how much and what effort to invest in this area and could do with some more info.



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Unfortunately I'm on the indie version right now, want to see how far I can push a LUA only game before upping to the standard version.


I'll just have to be sensible on my needs and find simple ways to progress.

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Will be interested in seeing that, saw some of your early examples, nice/


At this stage I'm only worried about the startup menus which are simple as anything. Later on when things like inventories, power sets and stuff have to be presented I'd then have to properly face this.

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Rather than start a new thread, this is a sort of continuation on this one.


For reading keyboard input is it only the Window::KeyDown and Window::KeyHit functions available to us? It does feel clunky having to test for all possible keys individually when I just want to stream the input.


I considered trying to use Stream::ReadUChar after redirecting stdin but that wouldn't be very portable if I did and i want to keep things as clean as possible

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