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Video Conference


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The Google Hangout with be held at 12 PM PST on Saturday (tomorrow).


Add me on Google+ to connect:



Hi guys,


I would like to take some time next weekend to schedule a video conference with the community, in order to explain some events planned for 2015 and some opportunities for the community. The conference will not be recorded or broadcast, so make sure you're there if you are interested in this information. There will be space for ten people, including me.


You can enter your availability here and a time and day next weekend will be chosen. All times are PST:




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Why doesn't everyone just post what times they're available here?


I think Josh, macklebee, Haydenmango, DerRidda, Rick, Roland Stralberg, Aggror, shadmar, ChrisV and ScrotieFlapWack were the first 10. Evayr was 11th and Patrick Griffiths 12th. But please correct me if you believe that's wrong. There may have been others who removed themselves (or were removed?).


Just copy and paste this and put an X next to the times you can make (PST)


Saturday, November 8






Sunday, November 9





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Just added you on Google Plus Josh. smile.png


I am curious though what are these hangouts about?


Anything specific?


Its told in the first post

in order to explain some events planned for 2015 and some opportunities for the community
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