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Use to pick up weapons?


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So I have a weapon pick up code (from Piller's youtube video). Now I like it, think it works alright; but I want to know if there is a way to edit it for "if used" but have no clue how that would work. I am not the strongest programmer. Also would it remove the currently equipped weapon? Like "if weapon == true, drop weapon.pickup"(weapon.pick up to drop the currently carried weapon and spawn a pick up identified in the weapons code infront of the player). It may be to much to ask just seeing if it is possible. I have other programming questions but will just try this for now (as it is very important). Thanks all and here is the code that I currently have.

Script.vwepfile=""--path "VWep" "Prefab (*pfb):pfb|Prefabs"
function Script:Start()
if self.vwepfile~="" then
local prefab = Prefab:Load(self.vwepfile)
if prefab~=nil then
if prefab.script~=nil then
self.vwep = prefab.script
function Script:Use(player)
if self.vwep then
if type(player.AddWeapon)=="function" then
if player.weapons~=nil then
if player.weapons[self.index]==nil then
function Script:Collision(entity, position, normal, speed)
if self.vwep then
if entity.script~=nil then self:Use(entity.script) end


Edit# the build in pick up code works kinda but if you already have a weapon then it wont let me switch to the pick-ed up weapon. So maybe just an edit to that to fix that? Like having an inventory or something?

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