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Render on top of initial render

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I'm trying to get a 3D character to display on top of the screen as part of the HUD (so unaffected by anything in the scene as if it's it's own scene).


How could I achieve this effect?

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Anything you draw after world->Render() will be drawn ontop of the world - so an alternative approach would be to use the RTT( render to texture ) tutorial and and render the character as a transparent sprite ontop.

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@Aggror: I tried that, and it works to some extent, but when you use a mesh with multiple textures, the textures start cutting through each other. With the character I'm using, the person starts to look like a zombie. biggrin.png


@Genebris and Guppy: That looks like it should work. Thanks! I'll test later today.


Edit: I tested it, but the game crawls after that. I think I'm just going to take a much simpler route with prerendered images of the characters since this would be quicker and easier to implement.

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