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Issues with built in pick-up code

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I believe this is a bug. When I put a pick-up code on an item (weapons collectables ect) and choose the mesh for it to represent, the (in case of the weapons) mesh chosen will show close to the pick-up mesh. Also if you have a weapon equipped then the mesh doesn't disappear when you pick up the pick-up. here is a pic of what appears with the pick-ups ( a few steps away)


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I didnt expect for it to have the pick up mesh and the mesh of the weapon from player view at the same time. The issue with it is the pick up mesh has no arms, and the mesh that equips as a weapon doese. When I have the mesh of the pick-up with the code to pick it up, the equipped mesh (mesh you see from first person when weapon is equiped) will apear on the map close to the pick up. I would have no issue of it would apear beneeth the map (to help rendering time) but not above ground.

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I do not understand your description. The FPS Weapons Pack is an example of how to set up weapons that can be picked up and used.

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Yes, I guess I worded that wrong. When I have an item with a pick-up code attached to it, so it will attach to my character and be usable, it produces a duplicate of the item close to the pick-up that is visible. When I use the pick-up it removes the duplicate but when I already have a item equipped, it removes the original item but not its duplicate. I thought it should be mentioned that is is going on with the default pick-up code. I am currently trying to tweak it so the duplicate goes under the map to be hidden from player but in the scene still. It also should be mentioned that in the editor the duplicates do not show up, only when playing the game.

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