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Today i made building parts and want set uv scale and or change material in leadwerks editor but can not select

the surface or his polygons sad.png

normal at click this face get red as selected.


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Because models are instanced, there's not much of a point to allowing you to select model surfaces in the editor. Any changes you make to one instance will affect all instances in the map. Instead, open the model in the model editor and you can change materials.

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i not want instances or only if i choose instance.

i need set the uvs for selected polygons and also set a material by drag and drop.

i want select a part and inside the part i want set the material i need.

the shade 3d editor did not export the boolean results.

cheetah 3d do boolean only for two objects and then u need group next 2 objects^^

i need a house with walls,windows,doors as part of my level / map.

my idea was to made a set of parts and then put it together like LEGO.

i thinks its the best solution yet also for the physics system.

i will try edit the uvs in cheetah and using there two textures for front and back side of the wall.


why there are always obstacles in the way?



yes, u said model instances are the wrong way.

optional instances are ok.

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here it is, maybe u have more luck smile.png

ui, i should save the texture as png, its 8 mb bitmap.


edit: my intuition say there are more than one uv set in a file...

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thanks, with this trick it looks good in leadwerks.

now i try this building with windows,floors and stairs and inside other texture/color for walls.

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