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[Linux] New GraphicsMode commands only return one resolution.

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As the titles suggest System:CountGraphicsModes only returns 1. While that resolution always seems to be the total resolution of the current X screen. Meaning GetGraphicsMode(0) returns 3840, 1080 for my dual screen setup and 1920, 1080 when I deactivate the second screen.


Of course there are plenty of resolutions available below the native resolution of the monitor and just receiving 3840, 1080 for the dual screen setup is useless data, as nobody spreads their game across two screens, unless they like looking at the monitor edges in the middle all day.

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Almost all of these have at least three monitors where the bezel is not in the dead center of your view, on dual monitors the whole thing makes barely any sense. Of course that doesn't stop some people from using it. http://cdn.techpp.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/dual-screen-gaming.jpg


But that isn't the issue here. How many resolutions does it find on your Linux system Guppy?

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I just haven't implemented support for changing graphics resolution, but it's technically working. If you implement the commands now the behavior of your program will adjust later on when resolution switching is added.


One thing at a time.

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