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not walking through walls

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today i build a house.

i have a front wall with a door (hole).

i set the collision to polymesh. this works awhile.

now it does not work anymore!? arrrgg.

i remember i put the ground floor a littlebit down only.

before i can walk inside only there where the door is.


someone know a trick?


today also i change to beta of leadwerks engine.

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hmm, he delete his sliding door, ok, i can try adding the model again.


edit: remove and add again did not solve my problem :-(

i attached the file i used.

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ahh, thanks, i see one difference.

yesterday for testing i useing a single mesh. then i split it into objects with hirachy.

u set the whole house to polymesh

i set only the front wall to polymesh (and most of others to box because i think its faster.)


thats a bug or a missing feature? :-)

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You would have to press the "fit mesh" shape for each box shape to get the right shape. It would work but be very tedious. But I don't think there's anything wrong. I just set "polymesh" for the top-level object and it worked.

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