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Access a entitys properties form within another entitys script


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First of all: this might be pretty basic knowlege, but i didnt find any answers to this in the documentations.

(its possible that i just didnt find it)


How can i access a entitys properties form within another entitys script?

Let me give you a example:


I want to Point a entity at another entity. I would think that this would work:

(this line is in the script of the entity i want to point at another entity)



If i try to execute it, i get the error message: self.entity:Point(PlayerPos.entity)



Let me give you another example, i want to move a entity to the position of another entity:



If i try to execute it, i basically get the same error message.


I dont know what to do about that. I know that there are other ways of pointing an entity at another entity and moving a entity to the position of another entity, but it would be easier and spare me much work to simply do it like this.


I appreciate any help smile.png

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I assume the .entity part is a variable name in the script that is attached to the entity? If so the way you get script variables from a script attached to an entity is:



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hm.. i guess im bad at explaining what i mean :P


Also, i kinda ready your text wrong :\ sry for irritating you



I kinda figured it out myself.. it was way to easy and i was overthinking it ^^

Thank you for your help :)

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