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Flashlight script doesn't work anymore

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Hello everyone,

I was working on a premade LUA script of FPS and I found flashlight script, really nice wink.png


However I can't make it work in my personal project. I used this part of the script which is completely correct:


if window:KeyHit(Key.F) then
if self.flashlight:Hidden() then


The flashlight works, the sound is correctly played, however when I hit again the F key the flashlight doesn't turn off but the light becomes brighter and brighter.









What am I missing ?


Thank you again for your precious support !

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Check the part where you create the Flashlight.


Looks like everytime you press F you are creating another flashlight.

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The code you provided looks fine actually. My guess is, like Josk says, that there might be some code somewhere else that conflicts with the code you are currently showing.

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Can you send the project via pm? I will have a quick look. Also if you send it, remove assets that are nogt required for me to test the level. (Sound or large terrain textures for instance).

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