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Terrain Painting Questions

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I have downloaded the roads texture pack from the downloads section on the site and noticed when I add for example road_base1.tex to a layer the image thumbnail nor name are displayed in the editor which makes it hard to tell what layer they are on. The actual texture does seem to paint on fine but I noticed if I change the scale it's ignored. For example I tried to adjust the scale to make the white line in the road bigger and smaller and although the change is reflected in the editor when I run the game it seems to just use the same default scale.


Ok I just tried saving and restarting the editor and now the thumbnail and name are showing on layer fields. Scale doesn't seem to be working when changed during a session but if I change the scale then save and reload the editor and map the new scale is used when I run the game. Strange, probably a bug?


Edit: so the terrain painting issues I mentioned above aren't happening now, maybe another restart or something sorted it out. But now I have a player object in the scene that I can move around in the editor but it doesn't seem to be working when run game and I couldn't delete it by pressing delete key or by context menu in the scene tree. Save map, restart/reload and it's gone now. wacko.png

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