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I made a small video - turned out crappy and got cut off at 7 mins...anyway it shows some small improvements for artists and other people using the editor a lot.




The last two minutes which were cut off were about:


- painting several vegetation layers at once.

- Having sliders to adjust bloom, HDR, godrays and ssao like the filter slider, shown with an exsample. Would enable the artist to adjust these settings in a specific environment like using more SSAO to emphasize geometry a bit more or use heavier godrays in a dense forest or more bloom/hdr in a desert level and so.. I know it's possible to manipulte the shaders but I think it's a piece of additional artistic freedom to use the post-effects with another setting like on/off.


Don't laught about my spoken english. I don't talk a lot english here. :blink:

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You made some good points in your Video, moving objects and the expanded object list are two of my pet hates with the Editor as it stands, well that and the lack of an undo button (especially on terrain). Gets a + from me.

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