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navmesh , doors & space around objects

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today i made a test because i want the navmesh see the doors.

can we get a input field player radius, that is used for the space around the obstacles?


in the screenshot the left door is 88cm, then come 1 meter and then 1,5 meter

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It looks like the space isn't big enough.


The player radius is a fixed size.

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yes, but i do not want a 1,5 meter door, i want modell 1:1 scale.

the player can go through the left door, but the ai will not without navmesh.

i mean the space from wall to navmesh at obstacle, this i want input myself.

i guess u use it as parameter anywhere or not?

what minimum width i need for a door?



removed screenshot

using "Mapping standards"

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You can also fake it. You can set it so the navmesh ignores models so you can have a model for the visual aspect and a second one for the navmesh, which you can hide. But this may be a pain.

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