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hi josh,

please take a look in the. Follow function.

there must be something wrong.

this function runs as thread in background until stop is used.


5 zombies waste 40 frames if follow is used.

this in my 10x10meter test area.

today i had time to edit the copy of the monster ai script

and disable parts with functions keys to see what happens.

(means skipping the world and physics update loop)


ps:i using the beta because its better than the normal version and me is magnetic for issues wink.png

me using the engine since offer at steam.

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Do you call Follow more than once when the enemies should start following?



Is the performance also this bad when you run the release mode?


the debug mode is just for debugging and as such much slower.

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  • 2 weeks later...

non desired rotations when the player is always moving.

I had something like this too. I would have an enemy follow a player then stop when out of range (which was as intended). As long as the player didn't move, the enemy didn't rotate. But when the player moved, the enemy rotated randomly for some reason. I never reported it because it wasn't a big deal for me but wanted to confirm the "glitch."

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  • 2 weeks later...

I suspect this is being called repeatedly causing the nav system to constantly recalculate paths. I am adding a check so that extra calls to this will have no effect if the entity is already being followed.

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in theory good but in practice the engine make a short circuit. <- my synonym for loops



there is a optimize.map

if u hit the key 1,2,3,4,5 it start the zomie with one follow call and the frame rate drop very much.

the framerate without zombies seems also abnormal low.

with sync false is it ~70 frames.


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