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UpdatePhysics vs UpdateWorld

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This is a query more than anything.


As I read the documentation both Script:UpdateWorld() and Script:UpdatePhysics() are both initiated by a single call to World::Update(). In fact the physics is a child of world and is always(?) invoked.


So it appears that the separation is more a conceptual one rather than a functional one.


The only reason I can think of is by putting all physics in UpdatePhysics then if (I'm not sure) that is invoked first you would know that all physics updates have been applied before you do any other world level checks/logic.


So is that it or am I missing something important?


I'm feeling rather dense today.

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UpdateWorld() is called as fast as the PC runs where UpdatePhysics() is called at a constant rate (promises to run x times per second) from what I remember. Which I think would mean if you have a slow PC then UpdatePhysics() might be called multiple times per cycle to catch up.

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Hi all,

so i can resume in:

UpdateWorldHook is called as fast as the PC

UpdatePhysicsHook is called at a constant rate ( promises to run x times per second )



In my case i see always UpdatePhysicsHook called two times

and UpdateWorldHook only one times per cycle...



At this point is better to put heavy operations in UpdateWorldHook,

and leave UpdatePhysicsHook calls all physics function calls with their respective variables?!?

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Yeah, UpdatePhysics might be called more than once per cycle or not at all per cycle. My understanding is it tries to keep the constant 60fps rate no matter how it has to do that. UpdateWorld just runs once every cycle/loop.

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