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One More Day

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One More Day a zombie survival game.

                          Can you survive one more day?

Search for weapons and items and see how many days you can survive in the town.

  • Various weapons including HandGun, Shotgun, Automatic Rifle and Machete
  • Eat food and sleep to replenish stamina
  • Drink water to stay alive
  • Bandage wounds
  • Take medicine to cure infection caused by zombie attacks

This is an early access version. More items and content will be added as development continues. Screen resolution currently defaults to 1920x1080 but can be changed via command line properties.

Have fun and please leave feedback.


WASD to move & SPACE to jump

Left Click to attack/shoot or use an item in your left hand
Right Click to use an item in your right hand

Press Tab or I for Inventory or B for Backpack/Inventory (3 keys/same function)

Hints & Tips

  • Remember to move items from your hands into your backpack using the inventory screen.
  • If your hands are full you won't be able to pick anything else up.
  • Try to leave one spot free in your backpack for moving stuff around.
  • If you drop an item it's gone forever - this might change in a future version.
  • When stamina runs low eat some food or sleep in a safe house.
  • Try to find a weapon quick!

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 or higher, Linux Ubuntu or similar 64-bit operating system
  • Nvidia, AMD, or Intel OpenGL 4.0 / DirectX 11 graphics
  • 2GB RAM
  • 2ghz Dual Core

How can I find out more about the game?

Like the One More Day Facebook Page to get news updates on development.


Game created by Thomas Long in the Leadwerks Game Engine

Music - Into the Darkness (Nyctophobia) by @MarcStraight

Special Thanks to all the Leadwerks Steam Workshop contributors.

View full game

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I like what you did, the inventory system looks promissing.


I know its just a demo, but I think players will be pissed by hiting the ESC key to exit the inventory (common thinking) and discovery that the key exit the game.


And put a little gameplay in the game was clever.


Ah, the monster sound is too loud lol.


Keep the good work smile.png

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Yes you are right about the ESC key, I'll make sure to get an in-game menu in there before I release another update.


I don't know why the monster is loud, I don't think I changed anything from his default setup and it's the default wav files but I'll have another look at it. I found it loud too come to think of it.


Thanks for checking it out and the feedback.

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Nice, found the all 5 teddy's. maybe you should have put a grenade in that last one.


Tab might be good for an inventory key. Close to WASD so easier to open if you are doing regularly.


Escape key got pressed a couple of times, disable game exit if inventory open.

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Sorry about the escape key. I fixed this today so it will no longer exit the game at all. Escape key in inventory will now exit inventory - escape key in game will bring up a simple pause menu with an option to resume or exit game.


I will make the tab key also open/close inventory, that's a good idea thanks.

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Based on this feedback I’ve uploaded a new version of the game with the following improvements..


+ Added a simple pause menu with options to resume or exit game

+ Tab key and B key now also work to open/close inventory aswell as I key

+ A hud has been added so you can see your stats and the items in your hand while walking around

+ When walking around left click will use the item on the left whilst right click will use the one on the right (not all items are usable for example the teddy bear)

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Very cool. Lol, I could find all of them except for one . Where is the last teddy bear?


All I will say is that the furthest bear from the start point is no further than the mountains. :)


Nice modeling work so far.


I can't take credit for the models, they're all from the workshop, only the buildings I made myself using the built in csg tools.


I see that rouge tree in the mountain now, oops.


Thanks for checking it out guys.

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Hey man, I tried your game, its really good, the emitter effects and the disease effect are really awesome. really good. but you should not replace the CSGs with models, they will make it worse, much more faces, better delete them and replace some of the accessible buildings with dummy blocks and a good texture on it. Again great work.

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Thanks, next update will be out soon! :) The houses and bungalows are already converted from csg to mdl in my dev version of the game. I did my best to remove hidden faces in blender. The most complex is the house model with interior walls and floors which turned out 907polys. The non-entry buildings are about 350poly. So in the game a house is now one mesh/entity + any windows/doors/furniture and the benefit I hope is being able to repeat more times with lesser impact on performance, plus they can be hidden out of view beyond the fog using the view range setting. If it was just one or two of the houses then I wouldn't bother converting from csg but for 10,20 it cuts down on a lot of separate csg pieces on the map.

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