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Trees FBX in Leadwerks vs Unity vs UDK etc

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Well, the 3D models are kind of dark, so it's hard to tell. A few general suggestions:

  • Open the model in the model-editor. Press the Calculate Normals button under tools or something like that. Then use the Angular Threshold option. This gets the model to not be black (if it actually is black).
  • For the leaves, make sure the compression of the leaves Texture is DXT5 or Uncompressed. Then, for the leaves Material, select the alphamask shader. There are a few to pick from. This will cause the leaves to have transparency in the textures.

You could also use this shader instead. This makes the leaves sway.


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It looks like you are using Alpha blending, is this correct? What I meant by alphamask is that the shader should be an alphamask shader under the shader tab.





Under the Properties tab, you set the blend mode to Solid. Under the shaders tab, you pick an alphamask shader or the one I gave you.

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thanks for helping

much appreciated at this late hour


I still have a strange alpha thing


Everything set as you suggest

I looked but all set to solid no alpha


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Could you post the .mat file? You can literally copy/paste the .mat file, it's only a few lines long. Sometimes you have to play with some of the settings. I just want to see what settings you are using overall.

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Properties tab, I have the following checked, cast shadows, Two sided, Depth test and Depth Mask with Blend Mode as solid.

Textures, all that are with the model assigned properly.

Shaders I have Diffuse+Normal+specular+alphamask assigned to the Shader slot and the Shadow+alphamask in the shadow slot.


Then set all your leaf textures to DTX5

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