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Dreams & Games

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Are some video games made because of dreams, if they are, how do they fare against those made from conscious thought processes.


For those of use who experience dreams, do we all have an untapped resource in creativity, and all we have to do is remember what happened, and what feelings we had.


Ever woken up and thought wow that was a good dream, I was.....err can't remember now , but I know it was really exciting. If I could just go back to sleep, I could find out more, and that would be really good, but you know that hardly ever works.


How do we get that feeling into our video games, why do we want to get back to the exciting dream, we know its not real. Can that same feeling be driven by video games, which we also know are not real.


Do we only enjoy playing what we don't fully understand, and once we achieve enlightenment we begin to loose enjoyment.

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Quote from THE MATRIX

What is real? How do you define real?


On a personal side note, I think dreams are more real than video games.

We all want to experience things and get immersed into adventures and do the impossible that we cannot do in this reality.

Games are a daily fix to overcome earthly restrictions and fake a dream world we can go to at any time we like.

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Video games will be made from my dreams the day computer can understand my dream and thoughts. In the meantime we can only interpret what we want the game to be like.

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