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Run Game or Run Scene

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Is there a way when you hit F5/F6 to debug/run the game while in the editor for it to not override the initial scene load? I only just noticed this blink.png as I am trying to debug an issue with the function hook with Map:Load that I'm having.


Considering once running you can change scene readily enough I'd assume its simple enough to do except I just don't know how.


I'd rather not keep reloading different maps in the editor as it would slow down my work flow considerably.




I think there may also be an error in the Map:Load docs too though probably unrelated to what I'm doing. I think where it says hookname it is actually referring to extra

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Well I identified the problem I had, so progress......


Working in LUA so I pass a function with Map:Load() to generate an entity list. With my level design I'm not worried about scenery elements being collapsed and attaching a null script if needed resolves that anyway.


My initial assumption was wrong, the list is being correctly created but my method of identifying the desired elements no longer works. Before it used Entity:GetKeyValue() with "name" and "type" but now "type" is empty (I tried "Type" just in case) and just "name" is populated.


So my question now becomes is there a list of supported key value IDs, that is ones we may use in confidence and what they mean?

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