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Terrain RAW I/O

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In case anyone wants to edit their terrain outside of Leadwerks, I found the ImageMagick tools do a pretty good job of converting it.


In my case I want to convert my 256x256 Leadwerks terrain to something I can work with in Blender. Note, if your terrain is a different size, you will need to specify that in the following commands.


To convert the leadwerks .raw file I output using the 'Export' function under the Terrain tab (I did not try .r16, not sure if thats different) to .exr format, I used the following command:


convert -interlace none -size 256x256 -depth 16 -endian lsb gray:/path/to/leadwerks.raw /path/to/map.exr


You can then edit the exr file in another app, and when you want to get it back into leadwerks you can run:


convert /path/to/map.exr -depth 16 -endian lsb gray:path/to/leadwerks.raw


You can reimport it using the 'Import' button in the terrain tab.


To view the raw image file, you can use the 'display' command from ImageMagick.


display -size 256x256 -depth 16 -endian lsb gray:/path/to/leadwerks.raw

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And another tip - should you wish to 'expand' your terrain, e.g. create a small area and then embed that in the center of a large area, so your level extends further, you can resize the terrain 'canvas' e.g. to place a 256x256 terrain heightfield into the middle of a 512x512 area:


convert /path/to/map.exr -interlace none -depth 16 -endian LSB -gravity center -extent 512x512  gray:/path/to/leadwerks.raw

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