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Scripts disapear from an entity.

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I just noticed a really annoying glitch where if I put a entity with a script, the script gets deleted after I click something else, it's happening everywhere, and it dind't happen before. I started using the beta build to see if it would be fixed there to no avail.

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I was recently doing work on this. However, I cannot produce any error from the description above. Can you please explain exactly how to do this?

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I made a basic cylinder. and applied a swinging door to it, whenever I clicked something else, the script that I put on the cylinder would dissapear, I've already did this script on other maps and they worked, don't know what gives..

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If you click something else, the object is no longer selected and the properties panel is hidden.



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When the user replaced the underscores in the script file path with spaces, the problem went away.


I was unable to produce any error when the full path containing the script in question was sent to me.


The user is located in Portugal and has Windows 8.1 64-bit.


I do not have any explanation for this behavior, was unable to make it occur on my machine, and do not know how to proceed.


Video of error is attached.


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