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[Scene creation] Collision not detected between barrel and box - SOLVED

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I'm a total beginner in Leadwerks so my question will probably be an easy one mellow.png


I create a new scene.

I put a big box (BOX1) in it for the floor, a little box (BOX2) with a mass of 1.0 and a barrel (from "models") with a mass of 1.0.

BOX2 and barrel are put above BOX1.


When I "run" the scene, BOX2 goes down and collide with BOX1 and stays on it but the barrel goes down and continue to go down through BOX1 and dissapear. wacko.png


I don't understand why the collision is not detected for barrel because all parameters seems identical between BOX2 and barrel.

I tried different collision type (prop, scene, debris...) and result is the same in all cases.


What did I miss for barrel? Is it because it is not a simple shape as a box or sphere and so the collision must be managed differently (with a script for instance)?


Thanks for your help! smile.png

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