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Prefab Creation

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In most editors, a "group" operation exists, which would be necessary to use separate geometric objects to form a single unit, or prefab. When starting to work with Leadwerks editor to create some prefabs, I was totally lost, because I couldn't find a "group" operation. When I looked for information about creating a prefab in the documentation, it only instructs you to select a single object and use the context menu to select, "Save as prefab...". This info didn't help me, since my real issue was understanding how to tell the Leadwerks editor that my collection of objects was intend to be view as a single object. This is not so intuitive to newcomers, because you obviously will want to save a collection of CSG objects as a single prefab, yet you can only select a single object to save as a prefab, not a group of them. In another tutorial on another topic, I learned about the "pivot", which can serve as a place holder in a scene. So, I had the idea of using the pivot as a parent of the objects, thus indirectly grouping them, by placing a pivot in the scene, then dragging all the related objects under it in the scene tree (make it the parent), so when the pivot is selected, its children are selected. As an alternative, you can also select any item of the group to be the parent of your planned prefab by dragging its logical children under it.


So, this is really kind of mini-tutorial, and thought it fit best under Game Art, since it relates to the basics of creating game assets from primitives in the editor.

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Yeah ! You said it !


Just right click on your scene object and save as prefab and thats it !


Be it a bunch of children (objects that are connected to a main or parent object ) or just one object.

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