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hey guys, i've just purchased the rest of the dlc and its apparently all installed and working correctly but i cant find any of it, theres no new models or weapons, nothing. am i doing something wrong? or is there a problem with the steam installer?

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thanks for the post but i'm talking about the paid dlc of the steam store, it doesn't seem to be installing everything it says is included with the dlc. for instance i got none of this from the zombie dlc

Five zombie character models from various walks of life.

Idle, death, walk, run, and two attack animations.

All associated materials, textures, and sounds.


i dont have any of the guns etc from the others either.


unless of course i'm being incredibly dense and its al in an obscure folder somewhere

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If you install them from the Subscribed items list they will appear in the "AddOns\Zombie Character Pack". folder. Then just drag one of the zombie prefabs into the scene and you're all set. Make sure you build the navigation mesh so the AI can walk around.


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omg i feel like an idiot, thank you. to be fair though the dlc could do with notes explaining that you have to do this extra step. thanks again dude

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