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bump mapping

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could someone point me in the right direction please,


i'm trying to figure out how to add a bump map to the textures I'm making from photographs.

i maybe completely wrong in thinking this is possible but the idea came to me as i was walking round the village and i realised i had all the backgrounds and textures i could ever want right on my door step. so now i want to figure out how to make them look less flat (if you get what i mean) although i'm not wanting to make a ture 3d game, i'd still like my textures to have some life in them. any help would be awesome.

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Is your question how to make bump maps or to how to apply bumpmaps to your models? In case of the last question, models require a material. This material can have a diffuse textures as well as normal texture.


See the material editor






Via code:



I would assume diffuse is index 0 and normal is index 1. But I haven't tested this.

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i'm trying to figure out how to add a bump map to the textures I'm making from photographs.


From 3D art point of view, you have simple to use tools like :



You give them some texture and in one click you can generate a good normal map.


A free one



You have also some painting programs like Gimp 2 that have normal map plugins to generate the normal map in one click

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hey aggor, it was both really. thanks for the quick response


This (free) program can help you make bump / normal / shine / etc maps from photos;




The latest version supports loading in you own mesh to display on / calculate from <3

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You can also right-click on a texture in the Asset Browser and select the "Generate Normal Map" menu item to automatically create one from the diffuse texture.


If you do "Generate Normal Map" and then "Generate Material" you'll have a normal-mapped material automatically created.

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