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Export Blender-Object with multiple textures

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I've build some things in Blender and have UV-Mapped these.

But at the part, when i am trying to export and import the model to Leadwerks it only displays me the texture of material 1 on the whole object.

The build-in model editor only shows me one surface with that single texture.


I am NOT using the Blender-Exporter, but the FBX-Export.



What did i wrong? Can anyone help me?

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LE3 import multi material models.

Did you export from Blender directly ?

Upload your model without textures if you want to someone to take a look.

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I played around with your blend and it looks like you did not assign the 2nd material to anything on the plane. Once I assigned it to the outer faces it appeared fine in LW. One way to catch this in Blender is to switch to GLSL shader mode. I'm still pretty novice in Blender so perhaps there is another way to go about this, but is how I was able to fix it.

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Oh.... I think you're right...rolleyes.gifohmy.png

I really have forgotten it - okay..it was late and i was tired.


I just selected the texture in the UV/Image Editor but without assigning the material to the object.


Thanks anyway... smile.png

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