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Leadwerks 3 C++ Buffer use


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You can look at the files I posted over there:


If you open the StereoRender.cpp from the zip-file, you can see, how you can use buffers.


Basically that file creates a Buffer called "leftEye" by using:

Buffer* leftEye = Buffer::Create(context->GetWidth() + 1, context->GetHeight(), 1, 1, 0);


This buffer can be cleared by



Rendering to this Buffer is done by:



The example then draws the leftEye-image over the context's image by using

int blendModeOld = context->GetBlendMode();
context->DrawImage(leftEye->GetColorTexture(), 0, 0, context->GetWidth()+1, context->GetHeight()+1);

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I don't really understand the question but I guess it's about the relationship between Context and Buffer.

The Context-class inherits from / extends / is a sub-class of the Buffer-class, so basically the context is a special sort of buffer.

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