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Custom made classes in LUA

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Hello, can anyone give me a hint or a link that explains how to create Lua classes similar to those built into Leadwerks? For example, Leadwerks has a Model class, and you can do a Model:Create() in order to create a new model. I would like to have my custom classes, eg. Block, with a method Block:Create().


I know that Lua classes are, in fact, made in C++ and disposed via Lua interface. I have a Leadwerks standard edition, but would prefer not to fiddle at this point with C++ (which I've, BTW, learned, so I can use it). But if it's necessary, I would gladly ask for some hint/advice where to start.


Thanks in advance!

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Look at the AnimationManager.lua file that comes with all projects. It gives an idea of how you can "simulate" classes in Lua.

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