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Using variables in a function? [Solved]

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I have a function for changing the music track in my game and it works fine and all, but I also want it to get the total length of the track...

Here is my function I'm currently using:


function App:SwitchMusic(name)
local sound = Sound:Load("Sound/BGM/" .. name .. ".wav")


I tried adding something like

App.tracklength = Math:Round(self.name:GetLength())

But it only returns in an error, since I guess it's trying to find a loaded sound with the name "name" and not from the variable.


Do anyone have any idea how I can solve this? sad.png


Thanks! KraXarN biggrin.png

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What is self.name?


So your sound variable has the GetLength() function. So after you load the sound store that in another variable.


local sound = Sound:Load()
self.soundLength = sound:GetLength()


If you are inside App functions than you can use self vs App. They mean the same thing because you are in the App "class" but it's general practice to use self vs the table name itself.

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Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks! laugh.png


I don't really know why I used App there instead of self, but changed it and all works fine now so...


EDIT: I found out that it works just fine, but when drawing it, it works for a little while until the game freezes and just randomly closes...

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