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Linux Mint: No selection highlighter being called on selected item(s).


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Currently moved to Linux mint for a while. I've noticed that in the assets and project manager, the text is white and unreadable. This also happens with the file manager (When you go to load a new map or something), and the material editor. However, in the scene tab, the highlighter is called and you can see all the entities selected or not.


Also not sure if this is Mint exclusive, but I can say it's apparent using Linux Mint 17.1.


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It's probably a KDE, Mate, Cinnamon appearance problem. You can adjust your window color settings for your GUI interface. That should resolve your issues. There's nothing that LE can do about it as it's a problem with your theme and not the program at hand.


My recommendation though is to stay away from Linux mint as there is no easy way to upgrade the OS to a later revision. Id suggest you go with ubuntu and install different desktop enviroments if you want something different.

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I tried installing Unity but it did not seem to work on 64bit OS's. I had a lot of issues with Ubuntu in the past, while Mint just worked for me. Right now, my head is a mess between that and restoring my Windows PC.

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I have been running Ubuntu with Unity on a 64 bit system since 11.04, never had a problem that was related to the arch.

Care to elaborate what issues you are seeing?


I just had the common purple black screens in the past. Prob something stupid I did back then. Did not start the installation just yet, so I'll get back to you if I run in any issues.

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