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Floor blocks light

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On http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/tutorials/_/lights-r4


Select the Point Light button and click inside the "Top" viewport. Notice that a little placement gizmo appears where you clicked. We are going to place a point light right at the center of the scene. Make sure that you have moved your mouse cursor to the place where you want to place the light. Left-click to place the light. This is just the temporary placeholder.


Press Enter on your keyboard to confirm the creation of the point light. Notice how the point light immediately lights up the surroundings.


It doesn't. It appears to be because when you place it as directed, it is place below the floor. You have to drag it up in the Left-ZY screen for it to cast any light.


The correct fix might be for the Lights.map to place the floor lower...?

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