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Conflict in Fan tutorial

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On http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/tutorials/_/models-and-animation-r8


There are a few way we can import models into Leadwerks. In the asset browser, right-click on the "Models" folder and select the Create Folder popup menu. Name this new folder "Fan". Now select the File > Import menu item in the main menu. Browse to your computer's desktop where you extracted the zip file. Open the "Fan" folder and select the “fan_blades.fbx” file. Press the Open button to import this file. A new model will appear immediately in the asset browser.


This section of the tutorial is outdated. It assumes you currently have 'Crates', which you don't. You currently have 'Fan' and 'Firepit'. As such, this section instructions you to overwrite your current copy with a binary-different version. The name should either be distinct, or it should be non-conflicting assets.

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Correction, it would be in conflict, but the specified files are missing. The only file in the specified directory is: fan_blades.mdl.


The only fbx files are:

./Torch + sconce/torch_sconce.FBX


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