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Functions for saving meshes and animations

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I wish for Leadwerks some functions for saving 3D model stuff.

Not inside the editor, I wish to export a model in .fbx format and .mdl

as a prefab it would also be nice.

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Is anything planed in the near future to import and export mesh formats?

I need for a game that 3th Party people can import their own meshes.

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I know that there is a tool under "Steam\steamapps\common\Leadwerks Game Engine\Tools" called fbx2mdl. It's an old school console program that the editor uses. If you use a batch program to launch it with pause, it will tell you its parameters. Sadly, this is the only tool that gives you help with compile parameters except VTFCmd, but ALL Valve/Source tools do.


Not sure it can decompile mdl to fbx if that's what you want.

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I want to make a game with the option that users can import their own entities, meshes inside the game.

At the moment the engine can only use .mdl files.

You can only convert the meshes with the editor, possibly it uses the tool.

Second option is the Blender plugin, but it's for Leadwerk users only. And sometimes it works not properly.


A funktion to load a file format like .fbx, .x or .obj directly inside Leadwerks and a function to save this mesh as .mdl or prefab

would be nice. Other people wich owned the game but did not have Leadwerks, can then load models from Blender or Wings3D or other modelers inside the game.

Inside the program then it'spossible to add a shader or more on it and save as prefab or .mdl for further use.

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Are these static meshes? No animation and bones? If so, it would be simpler to write a lua script that will lead obj files.

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