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[Linux] Occlusion Culling is enabled by default for models.


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Not sure it's a bug or not, but I noticed that when dropping a model in from the asset browser, Occlusion Culling is enabled by default, when on Window's it's disabled. Opening maps on Linux that were saved on Windows will switch all the models OC setting to enabled, and when read back on Windows, it will remain enabled. CSG on the other hand it's disabled by default.


I understand the linux version has a lot of gotcha's, so not sure if this is intended or not.

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Hmm, I guess I was not paying attention. Yeah everything seems to be the same on both platforms. However, the post processing effects don't transfer over, the "Post Effects" under the map tab becomes blank after they have been set in windows. I did not try the other way yet.

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It happens with any map with Post Effects shaders. I took the start map, added shaders. and re-saved it in Windows.




I test it myself. The Post Effects list clears when loading it on Linux. However, if you where to add Post Effects in a map on Linux, then open the map in Windows, the list does not clear as expected.

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