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Question About latest changes

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Hello everyone!


I read about the summer games tounament thingy and decided to try do a small game.


So, i started leadwerks and made a new project.


From what i read there is no difference now between a C++ or LUA project so, i went to Visual Studio and opened the solution.


I saw there are quite several changes from the last time i used it, so i added some code i had from a previous project for a FPS.


It compiled ok, but all i see is a black screen.


So i went looking in detail at App.cpp


Noticed stuff that wasnt there before. From debugging i see the code seems to be using Lua instead of C++???


Yes, i have the standard edition.


The code i mention is the following:


std::string scriptpath = "Scripts/Main.lua";
if (FileSystem::GetFileType("Scripts/App.Lua") == 1) scriptpath = "Scripts/App.Lua";
//Invoke the start script
if (!Interpreter::ExecuteFile(scriptpath))
 System::Print("Error: Failed to execute script \"" + scriptpath + "\".");
 return false;


My code is after this part so it only gets executed when exitting the game (?).


Should i place the code somewhere else?

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