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Cant make the car script work

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I have been getting into some frustration with the car script:

This is a video of what happens when I make everything right.

I have installed the prefab car and made everything just like in the car, tire 0,1,,2,3 at the right positions and name, physics are all the same .

When I make the physics shape a box, the tires just disappear and nothing happens :I

In the Video the physics shape is a polyhedron, I havent even started the engine and that happens.

Also I have tryed all other physics shape but none worked.


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Physics shape on the wheels? Try turning collision off.

Everything is just as in the car prefab. no physics

I even tried Cylinders as wheels, no collision and the program doesnt even start

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I'm not at my computer at the minute so I can't check this myself.


Check the model and find where the centre axis are. I had a go with the car script ( using a monster truck model) and the truck kept rolling even going slowly. It turned out that the axis of the model was outside of the model itself. So the model was "top heavy" and was unstable in game.


If this is the case with your model just load it into your favourite modelling program and reposition the axis into the middle of the model and resave it.


Hope this helps.

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