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I got really lost.

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It have been quit some time now since i was saving for lead werks and bought it , but i though it will be easy to learn Lua since i have learned from forums it's easiest language to start with for game developers , and am an Newbie noob game developer .. and i searched for hours and hours for lua tutorials and i got lost .. and i really don't like buy per class idea .. i just want few simple free tutorials to get me on my feet to make me able to develope simple games like horror genre action or adventure in 3d .. i only need scripting tutorials for lua as for materials and scuplturing i can mess around in lead werks for hours and figure how to do my game pretty well only scripts is needed and how to make them .. like how do i make a script after i finish the tutorial.. It's just things to see .. i just always my brain stops working after every tutorial right infront of the Scripting screen .. so if any one know a good source taught him please show me where to put my feet :) and ty.

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Welcome to game development seifeldin.....It is a constant learning and relearning process...If you stick with it and apply effort to learn, there is nothing that you can't accomplish...


Thank you CreativeOcclusion , But where people do start learning and relearning ? there is supposed to be a road to start walking on .. Iam currently finishing this marble game .. but i really don't get it where or when i will be able to start my own script while i actually know what i will write in it.

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my suggestion,

make a script and write plain text your mind as remark, your conditions, the needings, the actions.

which values you must store, if u need input from mouse or gamepad or keyboard.

what actions you want call from extern. ...

after all you add the language itself, often you can copy it from a exists script.

about lua itself you can find here some examples. http://www.lua.org/docs.html

a tutorial is fine but often it does not belong what you want to do.

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Easiest thing to do after finishing one of the Leadwerks tutorials (in my opinion anyway) is to take the template that you have just completed, and try to make small additions. This is part of what I am working on for the Summer Games Tournament, it is simple but it is helping me really get my feet wet with the engine.


Now that you have the marble game template, what other small gameplay elements could you create that would enhance the game? (Moving platform, jump etc...) Then design new levels around the new mechanic.

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But where people do start learning and relearning ?


The starting point is deciding what you want to accomplish....Lets just say that you want to create a cube on the screen that spins around...All you need is a cube and a script attached to it that makes it spin around...Searching the forums here at Leadwerks will probably give you an example of this code...The API Reference at top of the page has many examples....If the code that you write doesn't work, post it here on the forums and someone will help you with what you are doing wrong....


Programming is just problem solving...Sometimes it takes me weeks to solve one problem, and sometimes solving that problem causes three more...This is game development...It is hard, and requires a "No give up" attitude to succeed...

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When I started with the Source Engine, the learning curve was pretty easy as all the nasty bits where taken care off. You jumped into hammer, made rooms, learn about entities,how they communicate and made community maps. As the years past, I dug deeper and deeper with creating materials, models, scripts then compiling code. There was a point where I knew how exactly the engine was set up, how it worked, and other things that are now obsolete.


When I jumped to Leadwerks, a lot of stuff seemed familiar to me because of the CSG creation tools and the pipeline just made more sense than Unity, Unreal or even Source which I knew about so much. The biggest hump for me was Lua scripting as I was so used to C++, and never did any Lua before. I did struggle with it until I had a light bulb go off. Example scripts, new and old forum posts helped a lot. Even I now prefer Lua for game logic over C++. Compiling the entire solution to test a few lines of code for one entity was kind of dumb.


And this was back with 3.2 when they only had a few community tutorials which where outdated and somewhat hard to follow. They recently replaced that with the tutorial section you're following today, and a cleaner API reference. Over all, it will take time, but once you know how Leadwerks works, you'll enjoy it. smile.png

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I teach 1 on 1 lessons of Lua and along the way share my experience in games and how to make them. It's $10/hr so if you are interested send me a PM and we can work out a time.

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Thank's guys really for all the help i appreciate it , i got all the ideas and the logics of never giving up i will follow all , and i sorry cannot afoord any payments atm .. so i will just go ahead and start doing what i can to get my feet on horror gaming creation and adventure like , Thank's alot all :)

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