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How to find if an entity is in another objects aabb?

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I've been making a AI spawning system and I'm finding that there are situations where the spawn location ends up in another entity. I would like to be able to programmatically detect this and move the spawn location. How would I go about this?

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i taught of this :

get all positions of all entities as a vec3 and then check for x and z .

if those are equalling under (for example 10) then add a new random value to the spawning point.

all this before a new monster gets spawned and make sure the things above get checked as often as if there isnt an other entity around.

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After some leaps of faith I have come up with a fascinating solution. I used the GetEntityNeighbors.lua file found in the functions folder. I set the entity as itself (i'm using a pivot), with a radius of 0 and false for the scripts parameter. Sadly this will only tell you the outermost object of what you are in. So if you walk in a building in your game, it will return the building entity.


Is there a way to return the innermost entity you are in, if you are in one? For you place an entity inside a box, that's inside a safe?

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