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UpdateWorld Function error

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I'm trying to create a script that spawns an object every so often at a set time, but I keep getting a script error that says " '=' expected near 'function'". I'm new to programming and have no clue what that means. here's a screenshot of it in context. ANy help would be very appreciated.


Script.spawnObject = "" --entity "Object"
Script.spawnTimer = 1.5 --float "Spawn timer"
function Script:UpdateWorld()
self.timer = self.timer + (Time:GetSpeed()/100)
if(self.timer > self.spawnTimer) then
 local newObject = self.spawnObject:Instance()
 self.timer = 0


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In fact, you have never told to lua that Script.timer is a number and what is it's initial value. So, when your program reaches the line that says


self.timer = self.timer + (Time:GetSpeed()/100)


The value of the self.timer is nil. You cannot add nil to a number.


So, in order to fix this, you just have to say


Script.timer = 0


in the third line of your code. That way, Lua will know that your variable is a number and what is it's initial value.


EDIT In fact, it seems that your program never gets into the UpdateWorld function. That's because it expects you to put a = somewhere "near" the function. Anyway, initialize Script.time = 0, and you'll be fine.

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