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Failed to read map file.

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I was working on an update for the demo of "A Demon's Game", I got reepblue's LEX integrated and started using his ChangeLevel script that came with the template to change the level in the game's demo.

However, everytime I tried to change the map, it just gives me an error on the console.

Failed to read file "C:/Users/Ruben/Documents/Leadwerks/Projects/ADemonsGame/Sewers_2.map".


If I try to use the script that comes with leadwerks, this error pops up.


"C:/Users/Ruben/Documents/Leadwerks/Projects/ADemonsGame/scripts/objects/triggers/triggerchangemap.lua" : 10 : attempt to call method 'changeMap' (a nil value)


This only started happening recently, so I really don't know what could be causing it.


I have attached all 3 scripts that were used.







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