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Triggering a .wav

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Hey everyone. Here again. With another questions. I'm sure not the last time.


I started with Qbasic and am slowly learning c++ and .lua.


I was wondering if anyone had a script where;


player touch-->call .wav file


(I know this is probably the most basic way of saying it, so I hope you all can understand my request.)

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Easiest way to do this is lua.


self.sound = Sound:Load("Sound/Player/Footsteps/concrete1.wav")
function Script:PlaySound()--in


You can use the Flowgraph or have a trigger that emits the sound on Collision.

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Leadwerks already comes with the necessary scripts:


CollisionTrigger.lua -> attach this to your trigger brush

Noise.lua -> attach this to a pivot - your sound source location on the map


Set Playing to false in Noise script and do a Flowgraph link between Trigger brush's Collision() function and Noise script's Play() function.

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Works great!!!!


Now I want to make it to where it only plays that .wav file on the first collision. Is there a code for -stop after play=1? And not sure how to make it only play the sound once.

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To play a sound once you can set a flag outside of your main loop. In c++ it could be


bool soundplayed = false;


Then in main loop put if (soundplayed == false)



soundplayed = true;



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