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CallOutputs return value?

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Can self.component:CallOutput( "something" ) give a return value ?

Means that the in-function returns a value that is passed to the CallOutput return




function Script:func()

local retval = self.component:CallOutput( "something" )

System:Print( retval ) -- prints "Hello" ?





function Script:something()--in

return "Hello"


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it can't at least directly. But you can do it with 3 functions.


1. the argument function:

function Script:something()--arg
return "Hello"


2. the output function:

function Script:Use()


3. the receiving function:

function Script:Receive(yourvalue)--in
System:Print( yourvalue )


now just connect the use function with the receive function and drag the something function to the argument point in the flowgraph.




just like in some of my scripts. For example this:


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Just to confirm, CallOutputs does not return a value:

void Entity::CallOutputs(const std::string& name)

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