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Use Notepad++ for Lua Scripting

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Good evening,


As Mentioned in the caption - is there a possibility to link Notepad++ to Leadwerks engine so that if I press F5 it "compiles" ?


Would be super Awesome!



Max Aigner


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I don't think you will be able to use debugger but you can simply point to your LUA game executable and run it via Notepad++. Since its LUA no compilation is required and your game will use the new script content.

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@Olby: thank you again! I did not quite get it to run but it makes sence so I will try it these days..




I am currently using Notepad++ and NOT the LE3 Lua Editor because I want these features:

  • autocompletion
  • CTRL+Left / Right --> skip a Word function
  • CTRL+Backspace --> delete a word
  • CTRL+SHIFT+ Left/Right --> Select a whole Word.
  • When I select a Word all other Words around (which have the same content) are highlighted
  • Better coordination of the STRG+F Search (text in search-textbox should be selected after STRG+F -> F3 Key - "SearchNext" should work immediately after I typed the text in the searchbox and pressed ENTER

those are so easy functions and for me it enhances my development a lot. Notepad++ has these features so I use this..

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I just quickly looked at it and seems like Np++ is expecting the executable to be in the Windows PATH variable. You can add your game's folder to the PATH environment variable and then Run Np++ using e.g. "LEGame.debug.exe". Have a look at the help file perhaps there is another way to run this using absolute path.

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